Monday, August 22, 2011

dun Dun DUN! Intros!

          Greetings Bookworms! My name is Rae and welcome to Bookish. I was interested in starting a book blog because books are, not just a hobby, but a passion in my life. Cassandra Clare, Chris Wooding, Lisa McMann, and many other authors have inspired me through my teen years. I hope other authors brighten my horizons with books as I begin to grow older. I have traveled through many characters on my journey and some have been more favored than others, yet there is not one book I regret reading. I have speed through many a book in excitement, gasped at climaxes, and yelled at endings. I hope you, as our reader, will enjoy this blog as much as I do. May your journeys into books be marvelous. -Rae.
          Hey, everyone! Welcome to Bookish; I'm Caressa and I want to welcome you to our book blog. While occasionally, Rae and I will race in opposite directions of the literature spectrum, I hope you'll find something on the site to enjoy. Literature is one of the most amazing art forms in the world. There are so many forms and avenues of writing it's impossible to explore them all. Stephen King once said, “What is writing? Writing is telepathy.” Occasionally, reading a book, you feel you are discovering things as the author writes them although the book is not a constant live stream. It's difficult to not acknowledge reading and writing as an art in those moments. I hope you'll allow us to share our interpretations of the author's visions and I also hope you'll share your own in the comments or by linking your blog. Your efforts and communication will never be ignored! :)
          I hope you can forgive me, doubtless, as I am sure to bring up many controversial issues in my reviews and book choice (respectably, E rated). I am on a quest to read all my classics (as explained in my first review) and I also have not, but am in a quest to, read all the “Book Boomers” of my generation and the generation before my own (books and usually series that are exceedingly popular and followed by large communities of nerds such as Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Twilight, and many others). This is not to label me as a new reader, As a child (also further explained in my first review), I had quite a distaste for popular literature, deemed it rejected on my own agenda, and am only recently free of this disposition. I find many of the popular “Book Boomer” series have the first book geared towards younger readers and I do not always feel inclined to continue the series.
          Regardless, I enjoy many authors. I usually enjoy a particular book or series much more than the author in general who wrote them. I'm really, Really, REALLY excited to co-host this blog with Rae and share the beautiful realm of literature with it's participates. I hope we can hold lots of activities that encourage you to share your opinions with us. :)
          We'll be posting up a basic schedule sometimes soon and sharing some reviews with you. Don't be discouraged by reviews from high school English assignments. We're required to read them for schooling purposes, and it's a great opportunity to explore some foundations of literature around us.
          Until next time, Au Revoir! -C

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