Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Musing Mondays (8/29 / 8/30)

Hey everyone! I just want to apologize for the late post. Even though this is our first Musing Monday, I'm going to go ahead and launch it late. I was uber sick yesterday, and I hope you, as our viewers, will forgive me. ;)

This week’s musing is a book meme! (Hosted by Should be Reading)

What was the last book you…
• borrowed from the library?
     "Elsewhere" by Gabrielle Zevin and "Peter and the Starcatchers" by Dave Barry 
     Don't forget to look for their reviews in the upcoming weeks, ;) 
• bought?
     "Malice" by Chris Wooding and "Specials" by Scott Westerfield
     Don't forget to look for their reviews also in the upcoming weeks, ;) 
• cried over?
     Probably  "Will Grayson, Will Grayson" by John Green and David Levithan (some of my favorite authors)
• disliked and couldn’t finish?
     Honestly, "Son of a Witch" by Gregory Maguire but rest assured, it's on my TBR list. ;)
• read & loved?
     "Specials" by Scott Westerfield (Just finished reading it today. While I didn't exactly LOVE it, it changed my entire view on the series. :) ) 
• got for review? (or: got in the mail?) 
     Hmm,  currently nothing but shoot me an email if you're interested in sending one; I'll always get back to you within 24 hours. ;)
• gave to someone else?
     I cannot reveal because it has not reached it's destination yet and it's a surprise. :p
• stayed up too late reading?
     "Catching Fire" by Suzanne Collins ;P

PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT sharing your feelings on any of the books up here or linking to your blog, you'll never be ignored! -C


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  2. Hi, I'm a new follower on your blog! I hope you'll follow me back. Here's the link: http://bookworm1996-megansbookblog.blogspot.com/

    I have yet to read The Hunger Games. I heard they are really good. I can't wait to try them out! :D

  3. Hi Megan! Welcome to Bookish! I really, really enjoyed your blog. I'm looking for a way to subscribe on my own accounts(s) (Preferably email because I am terrible at upkeep for anything that doesn't come to my phone. :p). Is there a way to subscribe by email on your blog? Although not impaired code-wise, blogspot challenges my computer with the ways it tries to connect me to those I subscribe to. (If you'd like to contact me not over comments my personal email is ruthm.girl@yahoo.com)
    The Hunger Games is a very good series for a million reasons. It's actually one of my very favorite series and set of books. I'd suggest you read it, but I see your to-read list is just as crowded as my own. ;)

  4. I'm glad you like my blog! I don't have a lot of followers so when I get a new one I get excited. :D

    I've seen the gadget before and never thought to add it but if some people want to follow my blog and there blogger doesn't work, or they don't want to make a blogger account that they would want to follow by email, so I'll add the gadget so you can follow by email. Thanks for bringing that to my attention! :)

    And yes my TBR shelf is pretty full, but the next time I go to my public library, I'm gonna read get them and read them. Can't wait!

  5. Anytime Megan. I've just found a site (http://bookblogs.ning.com/) that really helped me accumulate followers; You may want to check it out!-C