Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Dark Glamour by Gabriella Pierce (Review by C)

“Jane Boyle married her prince charming and moved into his upper east side castle—but she didn’t get her fairy-tale ending
It’s hard to live happily ever after when you discover your demanding and controlling mother-in-law is literally a witch, determined to steal the magical powers you didn’t even know you had. Jane narrowly avoided Lynne Doran’s clutches when she escaped on her wedding day, and has been hiding out in New York City. But she can’t hide forever.
When Jane learns of the one thing Lynne wants most, she sets out to provide it, hoping her good turn will persuade her mother-in-law to stop hunting her. Unfortunately, Jane’s daring plan will send her right back into the witches’ den—the Doran clan’s multistory town house on Park Avenue. But thanks to a tricky spell, blond architect Jane will be transformed into Ella, a dark beauty with a whole new look . . . and all of Jane’s budding powers. Though the stakes are life or death, nobody said “Ella” couldn’t have a little fun along the way, too. ”

          Reviewed by: Caressa
          I give it: 4.82/5 witches
          I'd recommend this book:for an any day read.

          A couple weeks ago, I won my first Goodreads first reads giveaway. I was extremely excited as I had loved the summery and cover I had seen while researching this book from the moment I discovered them. It's not surprising I pulled open the package as soon as it arrived. 
          Having never read the first book in the Park Avenue series, I feared I would be left behind as new plots referred back to the first book. To my extreme surprise and excitement, I was able to pick up the events as it explained them and to move forward in the story simultaneously. The writing was casual, never out of place in a real situation, but exactly to my taste. With clear meaning, openings for side plots, and an immense talent for leading the reader away from the heart of the mystery, I was caught. It didn't take me long to finish this read. I also really liked the characters that were part of this novel. Although all the characters had conflicts and personalities, they weren't distracting and added to the authentic sincerity  of the novel.
          I also can't forget the visual presentation the book presented. I loved the designs on the first page of every chapter and I spent far too much time interpreting the cover. If I had seen this novel in a bookstore I would have definitely flipped it open to sample the story (if you look down at the picture, I can almost see a face in the chandelier. I'm not sure if it relates to the story in the first book but I finally came to a personal conclusion it was entertaining me because I thought it represented Charles.).

          However, I will say that it's not a book I would recommend to many friends. There were short sections of the novel that were much too graphic for my liking, and, out of habit, I usually pass these on only to my closest friends. Regardless, if you're looking for a fantastic spin off Cinderella, this is exactly the novel I would suggest. It barely paralleled the story but interested me to such a degree I never thought of comparing it to the fairytale.
          With that said, it was perfectly paced, on the border of falling into the selection of slower novels I don't enjoy as well. Had I read the first book, this novel definitely has the ability to push itself into a crawl.
          Have you read the Park Avenue series? What did you think? Let me know in the comments. ;) -C

          Goodreads (first read) giveaways are an amazing way to obtain books that you may have not otherwise discovered or ARCs that may not be sold yet. You should check it out HERE!

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