Monday, September 19, 2011

Musing Monday From Rae

This week’s musing asks…  
     How often do you read a book, just because you’re in the mood to read it? (not because you’re obligated to for a book club, or a challenge, or for review)

Very often, people always see me with books. I carry books around like a woman would carry a purse. I read any spare moment I get because reading is an enjoyment and a hobby.-Rae

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  1. I'm going to respond to this one too. ;)
    Hopefully because we're just starting out, we haven't gotten a lot of requests from authors wanting us to review their books. You'll be seeing a couple interviews soon, and hopefully more authors will take interest in our blog.
    Regardless, I do spend a lot of time reading, even if not review books, and my worst chains are my TBR list. With over a hundred titles begging for recognition, it makes me feel obligated most of the time to shorten it. Still, it's not much of a struggle to find one I enjoy; I just miss picking up the books left unread on my bookshelf just for the read of it. -C