Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tuesday Review from Rae 9/27

I rate this:4.56/10 units 

Another book from a selected reading list, oh boy. I actually didn’t enjoy this book as much as I did Jane Eyre. It was just like a repeat of a book twice inside one novel.

A Separate Peace takes place in the 1940s. This novel is a flashback into Gene Forrester’s life. As Gene revisits the school he has a flashback of the days when he was 16 and he spent his time with Phineas the most athletic guy in school. Finny and Gene live life trying not to believe in the war and what it stands for. They believe it is a joke. Gene finally becomes too jealous of Finny and his athletic abilities and the way he couldn’t get in trouble for one thing. Gene sets Finny out as his enemy and he attacks Finny in ways that will haunt him for the rest of his life. Finny and Gene think they have created A Separate Peace away from the war, but peace can only last so long.

I deeply enjoyed the writing of this book. I imagine that the author must have worked on this piece for a long time. The writing by far is the best I have seen. The plot didn’t intrigue me, but the writing led me to read the first chapter, when I first received the book. I felt that this book was separated into two parts of the same thing. I wasn’t impressed with either part. I gathered the same thing from each part Gene is a typical teenage boy and this book is all about the things he wished he could redo in his life.

I do not recommend this book to young adults or beginning readers. If you plan to be a History major or you enjoy reading novels about war then I would suggest that you read A Separate Peace. Also if you are studying different types of writing style you should check out this book.

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