Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Tuesday Review from Rae

The reason I picked up this book was because Holly Black wrote it, I wasn’t interested in the story at all. I based my decisions off previous books that Holly Black has written. It sounds bad I know, but this book was marvelous.

The book begins as Cassel Sharpe is caught sleepwalking on the roof of the Wallingford school he attends. He is suspected as a threat to the students and therefore he is sent home until a doctor can affirm that he is not a liability to have around. Cassel goes home and is put to work by his grandfather. He is cleaning the house for his mom who will soon be coming out of jail. If that isn’t already enough he instantly becomes annoyed by his two brothers who happen to be workers. Also he can’t forget his past, that he murdered his best friend, Lila. As this mysterious novel unfolds Cassel unravels the past he thought he knew.

This book was fairly written.  It made you basically figure out everything on your own. For example what a worker is, what the charms are for. I imagine it could be very confusing if you weren’t completely engaged. The plot was well planned though I had no idea of the surprises till they came.

I warn people in advance about this book, White Cat is heartbreaking. I have read many books and over the many years I have acquired a tough heart, but this book made me cry. The ending of this book finds the most vulnerable part in your heart and crushes it to pieces. Holly Black was brave in writing an ending like this one, most authors would have done a happily ever after.

White Cat by Holly Black is a magnificent read. I would recommend this over a two to four day reading because of the writing. I highly do not recommend this book to deeply sensitive and tenderhearted readers.

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