Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tuesday Review from Rae

I rate this: 7.03/10 points

I am reviewing this book to refresh my memory for the upcoming finale of the Beautiful Dead series entitled Phoenix Beautiful Dead. I have read this book so many times and I am very happy to share it with you.

Jonas Beautiful is about Darina a grief-stricken high school student who deeply misses her dead boyfriend Phoenix.  Darina starts to notice that Phoenix along with three other students disappeared from Ellerton High School within the past year. She becomes curious with the deaths being so close together. Darina begin to drive around and search for secrets about these deaths. She stumbles upon a cabin and a barn. She is overwhelmed by the beating sound of wings. Finally she persists and sees a man with long hair, Hunter, who is the leader of the Beautiful Dead. Hunter is on a mission to help Jonas, Summer, Arizona, and Phoenix to help unravel their pasts. There is only one catch, they only have one year since the day of the person’s death to figure out what happened. Hunter therefore uses Darina to find out information about Jonas’ death. Darina feels that she has a purpose again and the best part is that she can see Phoenix. Darina begins to ask too many questions and draws attention to herself ,by asking questions, leading her into a dangerous path that she cannot return from.

Jonas Beautiful Dead is predictable, the book is too short for an elaborate plot and that is easily noticed. The writing is also very simple, and at times begins to become a bore. The author did pull off the book though because I have followed the series for a couple years now.

Jonas Beautiful Dead is an easy read and I recommend it for a day read and even for a beginning reader. It would also be a good introduction into fiction because it isn’t too out of this world. For more advanced readers, I would suggest that you surpass this book and not even consider reading it. This book is short and the plot is easily foreseeable, but in conclusion this book is overall an average read.

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