Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tuesday Review

There are two reasons I picked up this book. Number one James Patterson is very creative. Number two I was browsing through reviews and a parent totally bashed this book and said that it was bad for kids. Therefore I got this book as quick as I could. I expected this book to be average, nothing out of the ordinary but even though it is full of illustrations it had a deep meaning.

Rafe Katchadorian is starting sixth grade and he is sent to the gym for an assembly to hear every rule in middle school. Rafe decides that rules are overrated and he decides to create a points system for every time he breaks a rule. Leo the silent, Rafe’s best imaginary friend challenges him to get more points by the end of every day at school.  While Rafe is entertaining himself at school and having a good time getting in trouble, his life at home is awful. His step dad (referred to as Bear) does nothing all day and yells at him and his little sister Georgia all the time. His mom works two shifts at the Swifty Diner and he never gets to see her much. Rafe keeps acting out more at school and things to start to become worse and worse. He tries to change his ways for a girl but then he gets back into trouble again. Rafe’s mom becomes more stressed with this and Rafe begins to feel bad for his actions. After that more trouble comes Rafes way and honestly I know it sounds predictable but the ending is shocking and sad.

This book was well written. It was meant to be from the perspective of a sixth grader and the author did a very good job of capturing what a sixth grader would say. This book is hilarious, there are so many times when you put the book down and laugh. The book was very enjoyable but sadly it is only a one to two hour read. The illustrations are what make the book, they are very over exaggerated and that is exactly what a sixth grader would imagine.

I completely recommend this book to students who are about to go into middle school, are in middle school, or are out of middle school.  It is a fun read. I do not recommend this book to adults because they will see this book as childish. Also I highly recommend parents to buy this book for their children if they are just starting middle school because it can be a rough start but I believe this book would make it better.

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