Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tuesday Review (10-18)

Rating:3.62/10 dorms 
    I picked up two way street because I love reading romance. Sadly I did not enjoy this romance.
   Jordan and Courtney are an unusual but happy high school couple. Everything seems to be going great until Jordan dumps Courtney for a girl he met over the internet. Jordan and Courtney have already planned their trip together and Courtney thinks she can tough it out for a couple days so she doesn't have to ask her parents to drive her. She rides unhappily all the way there but soon enough she realizes the real reason Jordan broke up with her, but can she handle the truth?
     Even though I did not like this novel the characters were pretty awesome. B.J. is so funny and I grew to like his character very much even though he is crazy. Overall, the situations between the characters are very realistic.
     The writing is sloppy and needs work but I was never confused about what was happening in the novel. The novel was very predictable and I am very diappointed in this romance. I would not recommend this novel to advanced readers. I would recommend this to teenagers beginning to read romance novels.
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