Tuesday, November 22, 2011

(Review) Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

Rating: 9.37/10 flamethrowers
    I was assigned this novel for my English class and I studied and researched the author of this book extensively. I instantly fell in love with Ray Bradbury and watched interview after interview on his website. I love the way he thinks; he is so extremely intelligent. Unfortunately, Ray Bradbury passed away a couple of years ago. If this man was still alive, I promise I would find and meet him. The one thing I didn't like about this novel was the complication of messing up my top 10 list of novels; without a doubt, this will sort itself out soon.
     Guy Montag is a fireman, except he doesn't put the out fires; he starts them. The society Guy lives in believes that books cause unhappiness. The people in this society are brainwashed by televisions. Mildred, Montag's wife is the worst victim; she thinks the TV wall means everything. Montag thinks the same thing until he meets a beautiful flamboyant girl named Clarisse. She makes him questions his so called "happiness". It is not long before Montag is hiding books in his home and reading them every chance he gets. Unfortunately his wife turns him in and his books are confiscated; however, it is not long before he is on the run from government officials.
      This book was published in 1953. I believe the ideas were way before their time. This book was so before its time that it gave Sony the idea for headphones. The writing in this novel is extremely beautiful. I am eternally grateful to Ray Bradbury for writing this novel. The characters are also phenomenal. Clarisse and Mildred are very alike in Montag's eyes but Montag sees that they could never be the same because they are from two different worlds. Faber is also an additional character that I took much interest in. He is very dimensional and wise.
     I would recommend this book to anybody. It is fantastic and I doubt you will regret reading it.
     Thank you to everyone for stopping by my review. If you have any comments pertaining to this review just leave them below. Thank you sooo much! -Rae

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