Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tuesday Review from Rae 11-29

8.96/10 lightbulbs

This week I am reviewing Anthem by Ayn Rand;I had to read it for school. I actually woke up early in the morning and read this the day it was due. I did not regret reading this book. It was a very pleasant read for it to be so early in the morning.

This book takes place in a future where everyone is the same and no one focuses on the word I but the word we. This conformity starves people of their individuality. When Equality7-2521 makes the discovery of electricity and takes it to the council they instantly bash him for having no help from others. He is sentenced to a horrible death but before this can happen he runs off into the uncharted forest to embrace his individuality. He plans to create a new civilization where the word I is accepted and individuality helps everyone.

This book was a good thing to read especially after reading Fahrenheit 451 the book I reviewed last week. This book had great writing but I believe the book was too short. I wish it would have kept going forever. I recommend this book to anyone looking for a quick great read.

I hope to figure out how to do pictures with this iPod soon. I am sorry followers my computer is messed up. The cover of this novel is very cool and goes with the theme of this novel. Thank you for stopping by. If you any comments just leave them below. Thanks!- Rae

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