Saturday, December 10, 2011

Changes and upcoming events and giveaways...

     Hey guys! This is Caressa. Bookish has a had a really busy start of the month! Between catching up from National Novel Writing Month and Rae's computer breaking down, it's been hard getting caught up; I'm almost up to date now on the blog and blog email, but I still have a few things to share with you!
     Thank you all so much! Because of the busyness of November, Bookish missed it's monthly hop/giveaway. I've signed up for both the Mid-Winter's Eve Giveaway Hop (12/21-12/27) and Happy New Years Giveaway Hop (12/30-1/3) to thank you guys for your support and time. In addition, there will be another giveaway, Loveswept Holiday Hop (12/12-1/8) sponsored by Romance at Random. We finally reached 100 followers!
      Between running the blog on my own for a while and starting a planner to manage review books and other upcoming events, it's come to my attention that Bookish has a lot of requests for book reviews and post that aren't book reviews. While the schedule we have now is consistent, it's no longer fitting to the content we're providing. Additionally, it's chaotic to have multiple posts on one day and none on another. As a solution, we've decided to abandon our previous schedule. Readers can still expect to see posts every evening on Mondays through Fridays, with occasional Saturday and Sunday posts. However, we'll now be reviewing books and posting reviews as we finish them. Readers can still expect two or more reviews a week, although this allows us at Bookish to read lengthy books that may take four or more days to read (such as finishing the Harry Potter series). Memes will be available on days when we don't have content to post and In My Mailbox will remain a consistent weekly meme (on Wednesdays).
     If you have some time, please vote for Bookish on Book Blogs! We're falling behind!

     Thanks so much for remaining readers at Bookish! We really appreciate you!

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