Monday, December 12, 2011

The Realmsic Conquest by A. Demethius Jackson (Review) (Blog tour)

Summery from Amazon:
"Throughout its history, the kingdom known as the Realm has never known peace. From its establishment, it has possessed the gift of magic, which is a treasure that exists no other place in the world! As a result, the Realm has endlessly defended itself against conquerors, but now faces its greatest peril. As our heroes battle the wicked and unlock mysteries, they must also face overwhelming circumstances as they are guided by ancient lore on a quest to find the greatest treasure their kingdom will ever know... peace."
Reviewed by: Caressa
I give it: 5/5 stars
     Disclaimer: I was able to secure a copy of this novel for blog tour; all opinions, however, are my own. 

     When I got a copy of this novel in my mailbox, I didn't know what to expect. I added it to the collection of books I needed to review without much investigation. It wasn't until after I opened up the book to start reading that I noticed the entire novel was written in verse! While I've read several novels in verse, most of them where formatted like Ellen Hopkins and Lisa Schroeder's novels.The Realmsic Conquest was told more like an epic. I actually, in my reading career, have never read an epic, but I loved this novel and feel like it could be my bridge into that realm of literature.
     The cover on this novel is beautiful and very expressive of the book. The characters were interesting and you were thrown right into the middle of a busy and fast plot. I've always been a fan of the sci-fi genre, although I haven't gotten to read much of it lately. This was a very good, short, science fiction novella. I recommend it to fans of poetry, science fiction, and gripping short reads. It fit my tastes perfectly.

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  1. ADJ is also working on a full non-rhyming Realmsic series. A lot of the back story and character bios can be found on the realmsic website:

  2. Awesome Dark Prophet! I appreciate it!