Tuesday, December 6, 2011

(Review) Bedtime Stories for Dogs/ Bedtime Stories for Cats: Combined Edition

Bedtime Stories for Dogs/ Bedtime Stories for Cats: Combined Edition by Amy Neftzger

I give it: 3/5 stars 
Reviewed by: Caressa

     I received a print copy of this novel from the author and all following thoughts are purely my own. Thanks Amy!
     This is another novel where I didn't really know what to expect. As a kid, I might have enjoyed reading my pup a story or two if I was having trouble sleeping. This story was a little darker than I expected for a child audience compared to many of the fairy tales we tell today. As the story continued, the plot became much lighter and carefree, although many were an interesting slant on the 'human world' we think we live in today.
     I am very, very allergic to cats and to my surprise, I found I couldn't read the cat version comfortably, because many represented dogs as chaos makers (and I have always adored dogs as much as I detested cats). I skimmed it, but this review is primarily focused on the dogs version. Many of the stories between the two were very similar.
     There were a few poems and stories that were a little unusual or unconventional (like the poem about eating rabbit) but all in all, it was a fun, short read. The twists on ideas and perspective was very cute and at times absolutely mind blowing. As the title suggests, it was a collection of short stories. Some stories I recognized from legends and storytellers but there was almost always a funny twist to them. I recommend this book to younger friends looking for a fun read but mature enough to chose which stories they'd like to read.

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